The IV Room

An innovative approach unique to Perth that offers accelerated outcomes for your health through intravenous therapies. The IV Room concept is an integrative approach to health that assists the body in the healing process.

What We Do

We are a small team consisting of a medical doctor, nurses and a co-ordinator who work and liaise with your medical or health practitioner to offer intravenous therapies as an innovative approach to dealing with illness in conjunction with your current treatments. The IV Room Concept is a way of introducing an accelerated outcome for your health through the capacity to influence the body’s healing capabilities using IV nutrients and therapies.

The IV Room concept is an integrative approach to health. It is becoming more widespread that doctors are using intravenous therapies to assist the body in the healing process.

Your individualised treatment plan:

Measuring your oxidative stress to determine an IV therapy treatment plan unique to you

We recognise that every person has individual IV therapy requirements. This is why we use a medical analytical device which measures oxidative stress and assists the doctor to determine what therapy/therapies are best suited to the current environment within your body.

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IV therapies

An integrative approach to health

The IV Room provides IV therapies to support patients who are on a health support regime under the care of a health practitioner.


In partnership with your health care provider, The IV Room is able to provide individually selected IV therapies. IV therapies work as part of an integrated approach to health building and disease management, which is ultimately aimed at providing the body a pathway to more optimal function.

It may seem surprising that such therapies can influence such a wide variety of illness and dysfunction, however they influence some important fundamental components that constitute robust health. None of these treatments seek to specifically treat named diseases as such, however they are directed at improving fundamental processes in the body.

IV Therapies can improve oxygen delivery to tissue which is necessary for normal function of any system or tissue, improvement of detoxification processes by removing substances which inhibit normal metabolic function, and delivery of nutrients which are essential to biochemical pathways that perform a multitude of functions in the cells of the body.

IV Therapy can help:

  • Improve tissue oxygenation
  • Improve cellular nutrition
  • Help fight infection
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Improve microcirculation
  • Improve anti-oxidant status

All procedures have some risk, discuss these with your health professional.